The Faculty Council of the FJMK includes representatives of the academic staff on basic employment contract, students and PhD students.
The members of the Faculty Council are elected by the General Assembly. The Dean is a member of the Faculty Council in law and is its chairman. The Faculty Council shall meet regularly once a month, with the exception of the months of July and August. It shall be convened by the Dean.
The Faculty Council is the immediate governing body of the Faculty. The Faculty Council adopts the internal acts of the Faculty; adopts the curricula of the courses of study and proposes them for approval by the Academic Council; adopts the curricula of the courses of study; admits postgraduate students and proposes to the Rector the enrolment of doctoral students; determines the conditions for the transfer of students from and to other courses of study and forms of study, for simultaneous study in more than one course of study and for study under an individual curriculum; discusses annually the state of academic work and adopts measures for its improvement.
On the proposal of the Dean, the Faculty Council of the FJMC determines the number, elects and dismisses by secret ballot the Vice-Deans; approves and dismisses by secret ballot the Heads of Departments; elects, promotes and dismisses the non-habilitated members of the academic staff and decides on the attraction of lecturers with tenure. The Faculty Council shall take a decision on the appointment of guest lecturers, which shall be approved by the Academic Council.
The Faculty Council shall propose to the Academic Council a plan for the admission of undergraduate and postgraduate students; the announcement of competitions for professors, associate professors and assistant professors; the award of the title of Doctor Honoris Causa.

Faculty Council of the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication

Prof. Dr. Veselina Valkanova - Dean
Prof. Dsc. Andreana Eftimova
Prof. Dr. Greta Dermendjieva
Prof. Dr. Efrem Efremov
Prof. Dr. Nikolay Mihaylov
Prof. Dr. Teodora Petrova
Prof. Dr. Totka Monova
Prof. Dsc. Hristo Kaftandzhiev
Assoc. Prof. Dsc.Ventsislav Dimov
Assoc. Prof. Dsc. Vyara Angelova
Assoc. Prof. Georgi Lozanov
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Diana Petkova
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Jana Popova
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Manuela Manliherova
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Maria Popova
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Milena Tsvetkova
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Orlin Spasov
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Svetlana Stankova
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Svetlozar Kirilov
Ch. Assist. Dr. Maya VassilevaA
Assist. Aneta Milkova
Doctoral Student Blagovest Iliev
Student Diliana Stoyanova
Student Iva Ivanova
Student Kamelia Dimova

Protocols from Faculty Council