t29Volume 29 of the Annual of Sofia University, Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication is published. The volume includes articles and studies by young and established researchers and lecturers from the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication.


Vania Suharova-Radeva. Fake news and misinformation in the Bulgarian media environment through the prism of three fact-fi nding platforms 5
Greta Dermendjieva. Lessons in the Time of Pandemic or Two Years of Solitude: Social Dimensions of the COVID-19 Crisis in the Field of Bulgarian Education 21
Zarina Vasileva. Social dimensions of infodemic and the resuscitation role of journalism 43
Yotka Pancheva. The framed message of the visual story in traditional and online media 67
Lora Simeonova. The Clash of Infl uencers: COVID-19 Pandemic in the Echo Chambers of Bulgarian “Facebook” 81
Nikola Vangelov. Print advertising in Bulgaria between WW1 and WW2 (1919–1939) 109
Rositsa Slavova. User attitudes towards fake news and information on social media after the third wave of the coronavirus crisis 137
Atanas Lozanov. The artifi cial intelligence between new media art and human artist 169

Authors can get a copy at the FJMC library. The volume is now also available in PDF format on the Sofia University Annuals platform at: